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Absolutely amazing! Very knowledgeable and caring. Wouldn't go to anyone else. Had contact Care done this morning, and I can't recommend it more for body aches and pains

- Grace from Auckland -

Very informative!! Love how she goes that extra mile for her clients :-)

- Elizabeth from Auckland -


Jay'Sprays is a mozzie repellent that completely stands out from the rest.
This spray is made from only natural essential oils, colloidal silver and last but not least... Our famous Bio-Energetic frequencies.

This specially designed spray was formulated with Three key factors in mind....

• Anti-histamine - If you were to be bitten... By applying the spray to the effected area the itching will stop.

• Anti-inflammatory - Reduces the swelling of inflamed area.

• Repellent - Repels any stinging and biting insects and may double as an anti-septic

Contains: Colloidal Silver, Thyme oil, Lemongrass oil, Manuka oil, Lavender oil and Bio-energetic frequencies.

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Other services:

- Access Consciousness BARS

- Hair Testing for Allergies
(This tests for over 100 substances)

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We are a small family based business here to educate you about the different health issues that you present to us so that you can understand your current situation to the fullest in order to take the most appropriate action as you see fit through exploring different options and opinions to suit your needs.

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